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The Exterior:

Calando is about 15 metres long, and a bit more than 3 metres wide.  The exterior deck space is divided into four distinct areas. Starting from the bow:-

1.  The foredeck is basically above the galley/bathroom area.  It's certainly a working area when we are entering/leaving a mooring.  Otherwise, there's plenty of space to set up a chair or two, or just to stretch out, watch the scenery go by or gaze at the stars.

2.  We have most of our plant-pots lining either side of the coachhouse roof.  Technically it's a roof, but it's solid, you can walk around on it, lie down on it, put chairs on it - except you have to be prepared to evacuate it if we pass under a very low bridge!

3.  Aft from the coachhouse is what we fondly call the sundeck.  This is where we spend a lot of time.  It contains the exterior steering position, so we both sit up here a lot to steer, to talk together, to read, to watch the world go by slowly and wave to walkers and passing cyclists.  It can be protected by a bimini if the sun gets too hot.  We also keep a table and chairs up here, and it's our usual fine-weather dining spot, just we two or with guests.

4.  And aft of the sundeck is our stern deck.  It's the other working area when entering/leaving a mooring, but otherwise there are benches following the curve of the railings, and often a small table with an umbrella stretched above it to provide a space for reading, conversing, or just lounging about.

The Interior:

The galley and bathroom are underneath the foredeck.

The cooking area is up towards the bow, and sensibly it contains the kitchen sink, the storage cupboards for pots, pans, dishes and so on, as well as an under-counter refrigerator.  There is a large skylight/hatch above the stove.

Two benches and a table on the port side form a comfortable eating area.  The table legs can be lowered to convert the table and benches into a spare double bed.

There is a door on the starboard side which leads into the bathroom.  It contains the usual toilet and sink, and also a full- sized shower stall.

A door under the stairs that connect the galley to the saloon opens into a large storage space.  It contains the battery banks, the charging system, and a variety of tools.

The saloon sits underneath the coachhouse roof.

The dashboard, the electrical console, and the interior steering wheel stretch across the front of the saloon, with exit doors on either side.

The L-shaped couch also unfolds to convert the couch into another double bed.

The engine runs along the length of the saloon, underneath it.

The aft cabin is underneath the sundeck.  It's where we sleep.  We don't have an acceptable picture of it, perhaps because although Claudia meticulously makes the bed every morning, Michael always then messes things up by leaving his dirty overalls or something else obnoxious scattered on the floor, or on the aforementioned bed.

Basically, the cabin has a queen-sized bed, lots of storage cupboards for clothes, sheets, towels and so on, and even an area for hanging up clothes - these are mostly Claudia's clothes, because Michael does not display great interest in folding/hanging up his clothes.  There's a washing machine tucked into one corner.

One exit from the cabin leads up into the saloon.  At the other end of the cabin is a second exit leading out onto the stern deck: there is another storage locker behind these stairs.

Underneath the whole of the stern deck is another large storage locker.