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1.  CHECK engine oil level

2.  CHECK engine water reservoir level

3.  CHECK hydraulic steering fluid level

4.  SELECT steering position

5.  CHECK movement of rudder

6.  Turn ON engine start battery switch

7.  Turn ON engine room blower circuit breaker

8.  Turn ON ignition

9.  Turn ON 60a.alternator exciter switch when engine is running

10. CHECK oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauge




2.  Wait for oil pressure alarm to sound before turning OFF ignition

2.  Turn OFF 60a. alternator exciter switch

3.  Turn OFF engine start battery switch

4.  Turn OFF engine room blower circuit breaker

5.  Turn both grease pot handles in stern locker to grease shaft

6.  Write up log



1.  Check automatic transmission fluid level

2.  Check hydraulic steering fluid level

3.  Check fuel level

4.  Check water level in batteries

5.  Check stern gland on propeller shaft



1.  CHANGE engine oil and oil filter

2.  CHANGE automatic transmission fluid every 2nd year

3.  DETACH air filter, CLEAN, DRY, then RE-ATTACH

4.  Check and ADJUST antifreeze/water° in engine reservoir tank

5.  Turn OFF fuel supply to engine and to hot air heater

6.  CLEAN or REPLACE fuel filter

7.  Turn OFF 220v hot water heater switch below circuit breakers

8.  DRAIN fresh water tank through kitchen and bathroom taps

9.  DRAIN shower head and flexible hose

10. DRAIN washing machine tap and DISCONNECT water hose

11. DRAIN hot water tank through blue tap at base of tank

12. When all drained, turn OFF water pump circuit breaker

13. DETACH inlet & outlet lines from water pump and drain pump

14. DRAIN pressure tank next to water pump

15. ATTACH drained lines to water pump

16. REMOVE water filter under sink, drain, dry, then REPLACE

17. REMOVE all waste water from shower bilge container

18. CLEAN shower bilge pump and replace in container

19. CLOSE shower bilge outlet valve

20. CLOSE toilet inlet valve (lower of 2 valves)

21. PUMP OUT toilet bowl water, and sponge out remainder

22. CLOSE toilet outlet valve (higher of 2 valves)

23. DETACH inlet & outlet pipes, drain then REPLACE

24. REMOVE, dry, vaseline and REPLACE toilet pump assembly

25. CLOSE kitchen/bathroom drain valve (next to bathroom sink)

26. Turn OFF propane and 220v supplies to refrigerator

27. BLOCK refrigerator door ajar when emptied and cleaned

28. Turn OFF propane supply to kitchen stove

29. DISCONNECT 220v shore power supply

30. Turn OFF all circuit breakers except ‘bilge pump’

31. Check that bilge alarms are ON

32.  Check that bilge float switches are working



1.  Turn ON domestic battery switch

2.  CONNECT 220v shore power supply

3.  CHECK all lines from water tank through water pump

4.  OPEN toilet inlet & outlet valves

5.  OPEN kitchen/bathroom drain valve

6.  CHECK water filter under kitchen sink

7.  OPEN shower bilge valve

8.  ATTACH shower head and flexible hose

9.  ATTACH washing machine water line

10. FILL water tank

11. Turn ON water pump circuit breaker

12. RE-CHECK all water connections

13. OPEN fuel supply to engine and hot water heater

14. Turn ON other circuit breakers as required