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Technical details

Type of craft Motor cruiser
Style Gentleman’s yacht
Total length 14.46 metres
Beam 3.02 metres
Surface area 43.67 sq. metres
Draught 0.90 – 1.10 metre
Air draught 2.40 metres
 Hull and SuperstructureSteel 
 Hull average thickness 9 mm. (2015 ultrasound)
Displacement 23,000 tonnes

Transmission system Borg Warner velvet drive
Transmission fluid capacity

Hydraulic steering system Yes
 Hydraulic fluid  Hydraulic fluid
Steering positions Interior & Exterior

Domestic water tank capacity 420 litres
Domestic water pump Shurflo 2088-573-354, 24v., 3.5a., 10.6 litres/minute
Domestic hot water tank 60 litres stainless steel tank, heated by engine or 220v electricity

Vessel registration             TO F94383 F
Registration date                24/10/2019
Flag                                      France
Valuation (2015)                  €120,000
Original registration date    1926
Original flag                        Netherlands
Engine DAF 575
Cylinders 6
Year 1965
Serial number A 37227
Power rating 77.7 kW
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 420 litres
Engine primary fuel filter Mann WK 727
Engine oil capacity 12 litres
Engine oil filter Mann HU 932/4x
Oil filter drain plug 7/8 inch
Oil filter casing bottom bolt 17 mm
Oil operating pressure 3 – 3.5 kg/cm2

Cooling system Sealed keel cooling
 Cooling system drain Yellow plastic hose, port side bottom engine
Engine water temperature 75° - 80°C
Hot water diverter valve 2 turns towards closed
Water pump / alternator belt 12.5 x 1400
60 amp alternator belt 17 x 785

Searchlight lamp IODE H3, 12v. 100w.